Why Route Fibre Networks?

Route Fibre Networks is one of the preferred open access network providers within the Western Cape. At Route Fibre Networks we roll out fibre in estates, apartment blocks and residential suburbs.

Route Fibre Networks provides value added services on all the networks we deploy including services such as DSTV over fibre, access control, CCTV as well as internal network deployment for business and home users.

The open access element of the network enables customers to choose from a variety of ISPs and packages that suite their requirements. Open access networks create a competitive but stable environment for ISPs to compete which in return ensures end users receive the best pricing and service from the ISPs.

Why choose Fibre?

Fibre is a broadband connection medium that uses fibre optic cable and active equipment to transport data at up to 70% the speed of light.DSL and Wireless broadband medium's are outdated and are unable to deliver sufficient capacity and reliability required in the modern world.

With the reliance of technology on connectivity and our day to day services moving online, broadband services such as DSL and Wireless technologies cannot deliver the capacity and low latency required to utilise all of these online services from home and at the office efficiently.

Fibre broadband delivers low latency high capacity data throughput to your home and office with a longer lifespan than copper and is not impacted by poor weather conditions. Route Fibre Networks delivers fibre connectivity to your doorstep with the use of cutting edge technology combined with superior customer service.

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